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The Pit is a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The objective is to clear all enemy targets, while avoiding civilians, and get to the end while being timed.

The Infinity Ward best time for this level is 22.6 seconds.

The level takes place in a training area with both stationary and moving enemy and civilian targets popping up. The player begins the level with an M4A1 Carbine and a USP .45 (but can change weapons on the table at the beginning of the mission), and is tasked with charging through the level as fast as possible. There are 24 enemy targets to take out and 5 civilian targets to avoid. Simply hitting all enemy targets and getting to the end of the level will award the player with one star, regardless of how long it took them. Completing these objectives in 45 seconds and 35 seconds will reward the player with two stars and three stars respectively. If a civilian is hit, it will be impossible to obtain three stars.


  • Switch out M4A1 Carbines for the MP5K Holographic respectively as it has a faster moving while aimed down.
  • Using two pistols, for example the USP .45 and the M9, is quicker than using rifles. If used correctly, the whole level can be done with only a single magazine of each gun. In addition, USP .45 has the tactical knife, which will be helpful in the building and at the end.
  • Communicate with teammates. Tell them which targets each player is taking out, to avoid both shooting the same target. Work out a strategy: for example, one player could take the right side as the other takes the left.
  • When almost out of ammo, switch to the secondary weapon if needed; it's faster than reloading.
  • Go for collaterals: using one bullet to down two targets by lining them up, one behind the other.
  • Beware of unintended collaterals, as they can hit a civillian. By playing a few rounds, the player will be able to know which angles are to be avoided. Also, at the beginning it is important to take very weak weapons for the reason that if you take a Desert Eagle or a M4A1, collaterals become very likely.
  • Using a knife with the Tactical layout is faster than using the ordinary knife.

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