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Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

Often found around fallen Marines, it is a preferred weapon of Cpl. (later Sgt.) Roebuck when he is promoted to Sergeant and is one of the four weapons available to use and re-supply in the beginning of the level Breaking Point. Interestingly, even if the Marinesused this weapon, it is often too rare to find while ArisakasType 100s, and M1 Garands usually rule the Pacific campaign missions. This is probably based on the fact that the Thompson was mostly used by NCOs. Because of the fairly low ammo and high rate of fire, the Thompson tends to run out of ammunition fairly quickly.

The Thompson has the same penetration as rifles, which is better than the other submachine guns. It is roughly equivalent to another submachine gun with Deep Impact on. It is exactly the same as the Type 100 but with a smaller magazine (in which case it is supposed to be 30 round) and better penetration through walls and wood covers.

The Thompson has an unusually high rate of fire, but not quite as fast as it's real-life counterpart. The Thompson using Double Tap (a realistic comparison of the true M1928A1, M1, M1921A1, M1921, M1928, or M1A1) fires a twenty round stick magazine at approximately 00:01:65 seconds, (One-point-sixty five seconds). With the addition of the non-realistic 45 round drum magazine, it can dump off all of it's rounds at approximately 00:02:92 (Two-point-ninety two seconds).

In multiplayer, the Thompson is the first submachine gun unlocked and has manageable recoil. It is an overall decent weapon with high damage and a high fire rate, not to mention the recoil is quite controllable unlike the high kick of the MP40. This makes it more effective at longer ranges. The Thompson is good for close to mid range combat where all SMGs excel in, with some differences between each. The weapon's biggest flaw is its small magazine, which causes frequent reloading and prevents the user from "spraying and praying" as effectively. However, this can be remedied by the Round Drum attachment (Marksman III) which doubles the magazine size and starting ammo count at the cost of a longer reload. The iron sights are quite easy to use. It is a perfect standard weapon for starting off and due to the shortage of SMGs in the game, it can be seen frequently. It is important to note that since the majority of new players will have this weapon, Bandolier may not be needed since ammo can be picked up from dead players. A Thompson with deep impact can penetrate almost anything.

The Thompson's reload time suffers more from the Round Drum attachment than any other SMG, although it is still probably the most useful attachment unless stealth is required, in which case a Silencer should be used. The Aperture sight can be useful for long range fighting but increases the visible recoil substantially. A very effective class combination is the Thompson with a Round Drum, Stopping Power (or Sleight of Hand if Round Drum isn't unlocked), and any third perk. Although the perks are largely personal choice, Bandolier is very useful due to the high rate of fire, as is Steady Aim, as you will waste less ammo. This is very effective at close to medium range and can even be used effectively by experienced players at long ranged, as burst fire can control the recoil and single shots on rifle range. Another option to boost the effectiveness of the Round Drum is the Double Tap perk, which increases the already high rate of fire, negates the need for stopping power, and remedies the ammunition issue.

The iron sights might be difficult for first timers but when mastered can be deadly if used by more experienced players. While the Type 100's sights are the same style as the Thompson's, the Thompson's sights are larger. It is recommended for players to use the iron sight for accuracy and ammo saving. Overall it is a good choice for players who likes CQC and medium range.


  • The version in all COD games is actually the M1A1 version.
  • On the Nintendo Wii version of Call of Duty: World at War, the Thompson's empty-reload animation is the same as its mid-magazine reloading animation. Adding a Round Drum fixes it. The Gewehr 43 also has the same issue, but only when it is equipped with a Silencer, so it is backwards.
  • Strangely, it cannot share ammo with the M1911, despite both using the .45 ACP cartridge. This also happens with the MP40 and Walther P38 (9x19mm), Type 100 and Nambu (8x22mm), and PPSh-41, TT-33, and SVT-40 (7.62x25mm). This is because the pistol couldn't accept SMG magazines and vice-versa. However, this feature was inCall of Duty 4.
  • Bizarrely, this is never a starting weapon in any mission of Call of Duty: World at War. Except in "Burn 'em Out" when playing Co-Op Campaign with a friend, Player 1 has the M2 Flamethrower and M1 Garand whilst other players have a M1A1 Thompson and M1 Garand.
  • The soldier on the cover of Call of Duty: World at War fires an M1928 Thompson, not the M1A1 Thompson that appears in game, same with Call of Duty 3.
  • The Thompson's prototype name was the Annihilator.

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