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Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

The TMP with a Red Dot Sight is a pickup in Estate Takdown on a wall with an array of other weapons. It appears to have the same dual color pattern as the G18.

In the level No Russian, airport security guards carry them. A TMP is also present in Team Player

The TMP has a high rate of fire, somewhat fast reloading and very good accuracy, and is similar in many aspects to theMini-Uzi, but has shorter range. Its main weakness is its low magazine capacity of only 15 rounds and 30 in reserve, the lowest of all the machine pistols, meaning it will need to be reloaded after nearly every kill. The damage per bullet is also relatively low, the same as the G18, though the accuracy and almost non-existent recoil compensates for this. It will go through its 15 round magazine of ammo in a little less than 2 seconds. For this reason using Extended Magazines and Scavenger Pro are highly recommended with this weapon. Also, the Red Dot Sight is advised, as default iron sights are somewhat bulky, reducing overall awareness. This gun is a poor choice with Akimbo, as even with Steady Aim the crosshairs are very large while moving. The iron sights are easy, if bulky, to use because of the little tick in the middle. The TMP is generally quiet, but it's rate of fire is lower than all the other machine pistols (other than the M93). It's recommended to keep your distance from the target. If you're using an assault rifle, then consider using this when you're out of ammo because the TMP is NOT a good primary weapon unless you dedicate one class solely on the TMP. FMJ is a hard task with the TMP due to the small magazine capacity and moderate stopping power.

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