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Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

UAV Jammer is a second tier perk in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that will hide a player's location from an enemy UAV Recon. UAV Jammer is unlocked at level 11. UAV Jammer will not have the same effect as a suppressor, which in contrast allows a player to shoot without appearing on the enemies' minimap as a red dot. This perk is similar to the Camouflage perk in Call of Duty: World at War. In fact, all the perk does is hide your location when the enemy team has a UAV recon inCall of Duty 4 or a Recon Plane in World at War. The player's position will still show up if they fire an unsilenced weapon (though only in Hardcore if the enemy team has an active UAV/recon plane). Therefore this perk is made much more useful as a combination with a silenced weapon. UAV Jammer is a perk that is used mainly for ambush and flank maneuvers (sneaking behind enemy lines). It is particularly popular in Hardcore game modes as players can flank and strike enemies undetected in rapid succession. It is also popular amongst sniper classes. When this perk is combined with a silenced weapon, it will make a player harder to locate, and can be used to effectively harass enemy players. However, game modes where KillCam is active will expose players using the UAV Jammer perk and/or a silenced weapon.

Using a UAV Jammer with a sniper rifle is particularly effective in the Ground War game mode. Because both teams will set up choke points and trade fire in these selected zones, a skilled and stealthy player can flank the enemy team and snipe them from a well hidden position, then move on, thereby changing the tide of battle. Oftentimes, many opponents will be so absorbed with assaulting targets they can actually see, they won't bother to move when shot from behind, enabling a player to easily rack up kills without fear of reprisal. Maps where this tactic is especially effective include:

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