Call Of Duty : Black Ops 

The Variable Zoom can be found on sniper rifles, the Crossbow and the G11, with three levels of zoom. Levels of zoom can be chosen by pressing the knife button while scoped in. The level of zoom does not change after zooming out of the scope, unless the player switches weapons, equipment and grenades and equivalent. In this case, the scope will revert to the lowest zoom level.

It costs 2000. It is available for the G11 and sniper rifles, but not the crossbow unlike in singleplayer. Other than that, the scope behaves the same. The variable zoom scope allows the player to zoom less, the same as, or more than the default sniper scope. The low zoom can help the player engage closer targets, while the highest zoom level is more than the default sniper scope, which can help the player engage targets at very long ranges. The variable zoom scope does not bounce as much on the initial zoom in as the regular scope, as it is zoomed in less. For this reason it is favored more for "quick scoping".

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