Band Of Brilliance

The player(s) must enter houses and download enemy intel. They start out at the beginning with a Stryker (callsign 'Honey Badger') following them. They can use a laser pointer and designate targets for 'Honey Badger'. In each house they will find a laptop which they can download intel from. Once they begin the download a good sized group of enemies will appear and enter the house, attacking the player and interrupting the download wirelessly if they get close to it. It is suggested that the player setup claymores and the turrets before they begin the data transfer. The data transfers progress will be noted on the top of the screen, starting out with hacking into the laptop and then downloading all the files. At the end once the player has downloaded the last piece of intel a large enemy force will arrive and the player will be asked to return to the Stryker, which is now located at the other end of the street near where the player started. There is also an Ammunition Crate to the right of Honey Badger's original location.

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