Band Of Brilliance

Call Of Duty 5 : World At War

Water Cooler is a Call of Duty: World at War Vehicle Perk that decreases turret overheat by 30%. This perk is usually deemed useless to the MG gunner as the fire button can simply be rapidly tapped to decrease turret overheat. This allows the player to fire the machine gun turret above the tank for a much longer time, giving the turret considerably more firepower. Manning the MG turret can be dangerous, as the player is prone to getting shot. The MG gunner can prevent this by pressing the crouch button, which causes them to duck inside the tank, but causes the player to lose the ability to see, fire, or rotate the turret. Those who play Team Deathmatch will find it in their best interest to have at least one player with this perk as it only takes one good kill streak to turn the tide of battle. When used early in levels, a quick 3 or 5 kill streak can help a team get off to a quick start.

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