Band Of Brilliance

You'll start off in a Humvee patrolling the area, when a BTR comes out of nowhere and pins you down. Quickly rush through the alley or you become toast. Follow your squad (along with some chatter as Foley calls in for air support, Overlord denying as they already used up all air support, and Dunn saying Overlord told them to "F" themselves).

You'll see the BTR again, firing at the houses and trees. DO NOT ENGAGE. Eventually it will reach a barrier and fire at your team. Throw a Smoke Grenade and then rush down the alley on the right (be warned the BTR will start reversing when the Smoke sets off).

Coming across a gas station, you'll be assaulted by gunfire. Pick everyone off, and follow your team. You'll eventually reach Nate's with an important client waiting, Codenamed "Raptor", sitting inside a Meat Locker (which is claimed to be "practically bulletproof"). Foley instructs that you get on the roof and defend your position. You'll find two useful weapons:M14 EBR (Thermal) and a Sentry Gun. Pick up the Sniper and position your Sentry Gun, as waves of foes will come in multiple directions. Since they deploy Smoke Grenades, use your Sniper. If they get on the roof, shoot them down.

Eventually, 2 BTRs come in and pin you down. You are also alerted a Predator is active and being used. Run to the diner (which is where you came from near the beginning of the mission), kill everyone, and pick up the laptop (Note there is a Stinger in the Diner. Pick it up because you'll need it in a bit).

At this point, its a good idea to "abuse" your Predator Missile, since hordes of almost-never-ending enemies will appear. When most of them are wiped out, Nate's gets bombed. Since most of Nate's is compromised/destroyed, Raptor must be moved. First kill everyone in Burger Town, and then wait on Foley's 3. When Foley rushes Raptor, cover him. When thats done, "Predatorize" every-single-thing.

Eventually your Predator will be disabled and for the rest of the mission. What's worse is that the Tangos keep coming. What's even more worse is that a Chopper is coming. If you have the Stinger from the Diner, use it. If not, go get it.
When you shoot down the Chopper, you are alerted a second Chopper is en-route. Quickly run up the roof on Nate's and grab the Stinger, and repeat.

After the 2nd Chopper is destroyed, the Convoy is here. Regroup and the mission will end.


Inside "NOVA" gas station, on the red counter.
Inside "CRB Financial", on the "Online Banking" counter.
Inside "Taco Togo", on one of the smaller table.

Inside "Burger Town" dumpster, behind (east of) the building.

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