Band Of Brilliance

The player(s) start near on a bridge with a number of vehicles on it. They have a number of explosives to choose from to complete their goal with. As they progress, enemies will rappel in and there will also be one enemy helicopter attempting to hinder your progress.

  • If you wish to keep all the sentry turrets alive make sure to move them all together only ten feet at a time, keep them away from intact cars, and make sure that enemies can't get to cover near them.
  • On harder difficulties you can clear the bridge first and use the cars as grenades on attacking forces.
  • If you run out of C4, planting claymores and shooting them works also, then there is the thumper and RPG which are much more effective.
  • To kill the attack helicopter that shows up you set up the turrets and then should make it so that you only have to kill one car to get infinite ammo, when the helicopter appears blow up the car and use the RPG until the helicopter is swimming.
  • A good strategy for Veteran is to pick up the M4 Grenadier and Thumper, but only after blowing up one car on the left and one on the right, as well as one on the centre of the bridge, by firing at them with any other weapon from the selection at the beginning. This provides a safe place for the sentry guns on the flanks and a safe cover for you at the centre. Don't worry about cars and the oil tanker behind you yet. Set up the sentry guns near the exploded vehicles, go forward far enough to trigger the first group of enemies rappeling down, then sprint back and take cover. Dispose of all enemies with the M4, which shouldn't be difficult with turrets helping you from both sides. When more vehicles get destroyed in combat and your Wreckage meter reaches 0 and grants you a 30 second unlimited ammo time, immediately switch to your M203 or Thumper and try to do as much damage (to the cars in front of you and the enemies) as you can. Repeat with the second group of enemies, moving the turrets up the bridge (destroying intact cars if necessary). Once the entire first part of the bridge is clear (and there is a scripted rocket strike which damages the middle of the bridge), move your turrets up to the damaged part of the bridge. There will be another pair of sentry guns at the higher level of the bridge so you probably won't need the previous one but this is the maximum protection scenario. Get back and plant your C4 on remaining intact cars. Don't plant any on two cars closest to the oil tanker, just plant one on the tanker itself, it will take those cars out. Use up all your C4, but don't blow it yet. Move back up, take one of your sentry guns up the damaged part of the bridge and set it up behind concrete roadblocks which provide good cover. The moment you near the top, another wave of enemies will spawn along with an attack chopper, so plant that sentry gun to cover you and get back on the lowered part of the bridge floor. It provides great cover plus, given that it is steep, all grenades tossed at you will roll down its surface, away from you. Wait for the chopper to come to you at the right side of the bridge, readying your M203/Thumper. Right before it's in range detonate your C4. The amount of vehicles blown up should instantaenously grant you a double or even triple Wreckage, and so a 60 or 90 second period of unlimited ammo. Bombard that chopper with 40mm grenades untill it's finished, then do the same with everything up the bridge. You should have a generous amount of Wreckage time, so use it. It should allow you to take out most of the remaining vehicles up the bridge. After you've softened the enemy resistance you can step in front of the concrete roadblocks and setup two more sentry guns that lie there, or even go back down and bring the fourth. With four turrets clearing the bridge from all remaining enemy forces should be a piece of cake. If necessary, go back and destroy any remaining vehicles on the lower part of the bridge (it is likely that you didn't have enough C4 to blow them all up before). This strategy is time-consuming and could be tedious, but it is definitely the safest way of getting 3 stars on this op.

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